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Immerse yourself in the seductive, exotic aroma of Turkish coffee, a stimulating blend of 100% raw ingredients including coffee, cardamom, vanilla, and cinnamon. This invigorating formula not only transports the senses but also exfoliates, moisturizes, and revitalizes the skin. 

Crafted to nourish dry, problematic skin, our body polish aids in increasing circulation, with coffee grounds renowned for its ability to address cellulite. 


  • Coconut Oil– anti-inflammatory, retains moisture, antioxidant properties protect skin from environmental damage 
  • Coffee – increases circulation and great for addressing cellulite
  • Cinnamon – stimulates blood flow, gentle exfoliator, antiseptic, smoothing and brightening 
  • Ginger Root Oil – toning and skin rejuvenating, packed with vitamins and antioxidants

Turkish Coffee- Body Polish

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